Fly Dubai to Astana

NAN -Fly Dubai has launched flights to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, extending the airline's route network in the country to three destinations.

The airline will operate four flights a week, starting from 26 October 2015, and will be the first Dubai-based carrier to serve this route. flydubai launched operations to Kazakhstan in September 2014 with flights to Almaty and Shymkent. Astana becomes the ninth destination in flydubai’s network in Central Asia and the Caucasus. With the new launch the airline will operate 38 weekly flights from Dubai to cities in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, 
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Ghaith Al Ghaith, chief executive officer of flydubai, said: “It has been a year since the start of our operations in Kazakhstan and we are pleased to extend our network in the country, where we have seen strong demand for our services. Astana is a major economic hub in Central Asia and the launch of flydubai’s flights to the Kazakhstani capital marks an important milestone in our expansion in the region. We look forward to showcasing our services in the capital and contributing to the development of trade and tourism between the economic hubs of Central Asia and the Middle East.

Kazakhstan and the UAE are extending their cooperation in trade, investment and tourism 
as both Astana and Dubai are preparing to host the EXPO in 2017 and 2020, respectively. The two countries have demonstrated impressive growth in various industries, including energy, Islamic finance and construction
Passengers from Astana will benefit from flydubai’s convenient and affordable services, including the award-winning inflight entertainment system available in Russian, English and Arabic offering over 1,300 hours of music, movies, TV shows and newspapers. Business Class will be available on all flights to Kazakhstan, providing passengers with a personalised and more comfortable travel experience


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